Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It begins

I am starting this blog for one reason and one reason alone: I want to be a writer. And apparently, all writers have blogs. In fact, to get a job as a writer, some employers expect to see your blog address on your resume. In the old days you would keep a journal, and write in it every day. But journals are so, like, 20th century OK? So a blog it is. Plus the statistical likelihood of someone reading my blog as opposed to someone reading my journal is considerably higher.

Which brings me to my next point. I always thought that blogs were a bit pretentious (for people who aren't celebrities, anyway, like Twitter), and I kind of still do. Which brings me back to my first point. I am doing this so that I can improve as a writer, and not because I am under the impression that great hoards of my friends are interested in the most boring and monotonous details of my day. But it's a great chance for people to know what you are thinking about that they wouldn't otherwise find out, I hear you say. Well, if people want to know what I'm thinking, they can always just ask. And the fact that I am not bombarded all day every day by questions like "what are you thinking about?" "what do you think about this?" "do you think that? If not, what?" goes to show that people, in the main, whilst they may like me well enough, aren't necessarily interested in what I think. So if anyone is interested in what I think, and is too afraid to ask, they can read my blog.

Which brings me to point number three. I do not intend, in any way, to edit or water down what I put in this blog. So yes, there will be swearing. Yes, there will be opinionated statements about politics, religion and the workplace. And yes, most of it will be utterly boring to most people except me. If I feel something is just too controversial, I just won't write about it at all. Otherwise, what you see here is straight from my brain. You have been warned.

It's strange to think that one day, in the future, when I may just have succeeded in my writing endeavours and am somewhat of a celebrity or well-known writer or something along those lines, that people may find this blog and go back and read this, the very first entry, with something closely akin to interest. So let me explain how I decided I was born to write:

1. Loved writing in high school and always got great marks in English for my creative writing.
2. Decided I wanted to be a muso and studied music at University for six years.
3. Decided I also wanted to be a bong-smoking hippy and gradually devoted more of my time to getting wasted and tripping out.
4. Nearly lost my mind on drugs, had a religious renaissance and got involved in a religious organization, and decided that I wanted to be a full-time minister of modern religion.
5. After many fruitless years (and much of my time and money) spent on this pipe-dream, decided I was meant to just be a worship-muso.
6. Then decided that no, I was meant to be a "real" muso.
7. Then said no, actually, that's right, I love writing. Maybe I'm meant to be a writer, and to hell with all this religious bullshit.
8. Started writing my first novel, began collaborating on a second, and decided I needed to start a blog.....

Anyway I was going to keep this short. Plus apparently for this to work I have to write in it every day. I don't want to blow all my stuff on the first entry so here's lookin at ya sideways.

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